Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot Interview

Following from my previous post about AirAsia cadet pilot interview, I was also invited for Singapore Airlines cadet pilot program. I applied 2 months after AirAsia's opening. I didn't know if i get called or not but i just gave a try. For Singapore Airlines they looking for people with Bach's Degree compared to AirAsia... Continue Reading →


AirAsia Cadet Pilot Program Malaysia

Hello here i am back with a new post, the last post of mine was in April about wanting to get into flight school and i did applied for AirAsia Cadet Pilot Programme. I am quite happy to say that i have received the invitation for the entry exam, the moment i opened up my... Continue Reading →

My passion

Here I am sitting at a McD somewhere in the state of Negeri Sembilan writing this. Something have been bothering me for a couple of days. I have graduated with a degree in Robotics and Automation engineering but as I was looking for a job, I can clearly see that I have no interest in... Continue Reading →

Going into Adulthood

Hellooooooooooooo, i'm back again. I kept telling myself i wanted to blog but i keep procrastinating which is pretty bad, finally i'm here to update my blog again, woo hoo! As it's already 2018, it was fine when it was January but now it's march already. Time do fly super duper fast. I'm in the... Continue Reading →

Life is fragile

It's been sometime that i updated my blog, the last was is in August. I'm not active like i used to be but ill be back into keeping my blog up to date. I cant believe it that it is 2018! and im a year older! First of all i would like to thank God... Continue Reading →


Hello, here i'm again after 4 months of break from blogging. I've missed blogging, and how i like to express myself here. This time last year things were different, at this exact time i was contemplating whether i should consider the girl i thought that things will work between me and her. I wish i... Continue Reading →


Starting to realize many things during my internship and also alot of deep thoughts. One thing that struck me is that not everything lasts, friendships, relationships? The only people who will be there for you is your family, that will back you up no matter what and always be there for you. Im tired of... Continue Reading →

New Year and Delayed Post

It's been a while since i updated my blog, the last time i post it was during Christmas. I couldn't find time to update my blog, cause most of the time i'm busy going out, doing assignments or playing game. So here i am updating my blog after 3 months. Another news is that my... Continue Reading →


It's time of the year again and its Christmas!! As we celebrate together the birth of Christ! A savior who came down to earth and paid the price for things that we have done. How lovely and wonderful savior He is. I really thank God for accepting Him in my life and i couldn't imagine... Continue Reading →

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