My passion

Here I am sitting at a McD somewhere in the state of Negeri Sembilan writing this. Something have been bothering me for a couple of days.

I have graduated with a degree in Robotics and Automation engineering but as I was looking for a job, I can clearly see that I have no interest in what I studied and job related to it. It affects me alot cause if I don’t like what I do I know I would not give my best.

I had this thing of becoming a pilot since very long time ago but I only shared this few people, not many of my friends know. I had so much interest in aviation since I started to watch air crash investigation and also when I get to sit in a airplane going to a different country. I always look forward to see take off and landing as it is the best thing ever.

I did apply for cadet pilot back in 2016 but I couldn’t use my Spm result as it didn’t meet the requirements and now that I’ve graduated, I’m looking for ways that I can get into flight school. I know I will give my best because it’s something I really like and I passionate about. The fees for flight school it’s a little expensive which can go up Rm250k.

Im looking if I could get scholarship or any loan that I can use to study in flight school despite my age is 26 now.

You know when you’re passionate about something when you take your time and effort to find out and learn by yourself. If you asked me to do Masters for 2 years I would not do it because I’m really not interested in what I studied.

I pray that i able to get a chance to enter into any flight school and pursue my dream.

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